Sunday, 4 November 2012

Tumble to Cross Hands and back

Out of the blue Mrs Bob suggested a short bike ride on the Tumble trail.

Didn't take me long to load the bikes up and then wait as Mrs Bob layered up!

We met quite a few dog walkers and other bike riders, some of whom I expect had travelled up from Llanelli.


The trees were still in their autumn colours although judging by the path there cannot be a lot more leaves to fall.

Nearing Cefneithin rugby ground I could see the lights on and we saw two young teams under training.  Good to see some parents and voluntary coaches taking an interest in the young ones.

At the Cross Hands end of the trail we turned around and headed back to the car, just in time to beat the rain which for the rest of the day hammered down.


  1. Some good pics there. Is your Swansea Canal linked into the rest of the English canal system, or is it defunct? I didn't see any boats in your post.

  2. The canal is not linked and in places not suitable for boats. Might be able to open boat (canoe) a fair chunk of it. there is another canal not far away - the neath and tennant, but again not linked.

    Lots of industrial history connected to both canals.