Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nantgaredig, Brechfa, Pontargothi

Once again, Billy No Mates as The Navigator was packing for the pointy bits in Austria.

A look at my local maps suggested a bike ride from Nantgaredig to Brechfa and a return alongside the Afon Cothi to Pontargothi and back to Nantgaredig.

The profile showed a steady climb up to Brechfa and mainly downhill on the return. Well the profile was correct, but a convenient seat in Brechfa helped the legs to recover.

It was good to see the village doing its best to keep the residents together. As I was enjoying my rest a mobile post office arrived and connected its computer to a box on a post. Across the road was a community shop and the notices on the village hall showed lots going on.

Cafe at the mountain bike centre

Brechfa Church

Back on my bike I took the first turning right and headed back with the Afon Cothi on my right all the way to Pontargothi. The river, when at the right level is a superb grade 2 paddling venue. However today it was very low with all the rocks showing.

Afon Cothi

Afon Cothi at Pontynys Wen

Afon Cothi at Pontargothi

Back at the car I looked over the stone bridge at Nantgaredig down at the equally low Afon Tywi into which the Afon Cothi runs.

Downstream on Tywi from Nantgaredig Bridge


An enjoyable ride.

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