Friday, 26 April 2013

Rhandirmwyn Circular

A few post ago I wrote about this ride where it had come to an early end because of a puncture, so with a good weather forecast I saddled up again.


I parked adjacent to Dolauhirion Bridge and set off. It was a bit on the chilly side with a headwind which led to me soon warming up.

Afon Tywi from Pont Newydd

I met a few patient motorists who did not try to pass until it was absolutely clear to do so - much waving with thanks.

In Rhandirmwyn there is a tempting tea shop, but as I was carrying food and drink I resisted the siren call.

I turned here to head down to the river, but stopped to take a photo of the local church and talk to two ladies who were on flower duty.  they had passed me earlier and seemed impressed with the speed I had arrived.  I said it was more to do with their slow driving!

Rhandirmwyn Church

At the river I stopped for a brew and a sandwich and then carried on to cycle nearly all down hill, passing through Cilycwm and back to the car.

Celynnog Hill (I think)

Cilycwm Church

Carmarthen Fans in the distance

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