Sunday, 3 March 2013

Pembrey Country Park

As I had to visit Carmarthen I took my bike and travelled on to Pembrey Country Park.

Route ( not that accurate as I did wander about the park down various trails, but managed 11 miles)

I parked up at the first woodland parking site near the railway bridge and cycled towards the main entrance and then took NCN route 4.  Unfortunately about a mile into the routethe trail was flooded for quite a stretch (since found out that this is a known problem but without a solution as yet) and so I turned back and entered the park.

Part of NCN 4

Flooded area

Unless entering by car the entrance is free with a huge area to explore including a vast expanse of beach, Cefn Sidan and a nature reserve.

View point

I visited the ski slope and the toboggan slide, the latter looking like good fun. There was a party of disabled skiers on the slopes who were clearly enjoying the experience.

From there I cycled up and down various routes before heading back for the car. Sitting on the grass was a party of army cadets having a brew before they marched - some hobbling into the woods.

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  1. Some familiar territory there for me. It was a most enjoyable part of my walk until the end of the day when I had problems getting myself into the centre of Carmarthen. You certainly seem to have good cycling venues where you are.